Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sue Scheff: Does your teen want to take a year off before college?

Gap Year! Get GapSmart!

Is your teen struggling about going to college? Talking about taking a year off? We have heard pros and cons about what is considered a “gap year.” Is it right for your child? What exactly are the options?

What is a gap year? An opportunity for self-exploration and personal growth, leading to clearer direction and motivation for your life.

GapSmart offers fantastic information that can help guide you and your teenager in a productive direction. GapSmart! is ready to help your student find the program that best fits their personality, goals, needs, and budget. GapSmart! work closely with families to ensure that every aspect of the “time on” of a gap year is well spent and thoroughly meets the parents’ and student’s expectations.

A gap year is a pivotal time in a students life and through reflection exercises, the student is better able to understand the scope of their time and the impact it had on their life. Additionally, the gap year experience is woven into resumes, cover letters, and college applications.

If your teen is thinking about taking a year off, think about GapSmart! and find a positive way to spend that year. Let it be a year you can build your future on.

Be an educated parent, you will have successful teens!

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