Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sue Scheff: Equine Therapy - Teens and Self-Esteem

Winston Churchill was once quoted, "that the outside of the horse is good for the inside of the man..."

Today horses are not only used for the pleasure of riding or the thrill of racing, they are used to help struggling teens, handicapped children, as well as adults that have been through a horrific experience.

Recently on ABC News 20/20, Jaycee Dugard, the young girl that was abducted at 11 years old for 18 years, was featured riding and working with horses as part of her healing process.

In South Florida, Horses and the Handicapped is a place where people come to heal, to learn, and to make friends that last a lifetime.

Are you struggling with an at risk teenager? Many parents look for programs that offer either equine therapy or canine therapy. Working with animals is very rewarding and has proven to build a child's and/or teens self confidence. With better self esteem they are more likely to make better choices.

Children with autism and attention deficit disorder often struggle to communicate - but put them with horses and they can achieve so much. In Northern Florida learn more about the "Drop Your Reins" program which offers peaceful solutions for ADHD/ADD & autistic children using natural horsemanship.

Being an educated parent will help you to have safer and healthier teenagers.

Watch video and read more on Examiner.