Friday, May 11, 2012

Struggling Teens: Does My Teen Need Resident Therapy?

Summer is approaching.

School is almost out.

My teen, who is very intelligent is failing.

My teen, who once had an interest in sports or music or any other hobby, is now only interested in his/her computer/technology or a group of friends that are not exactly what I would choose for him/her....

My teen is in control of our household.  Telling us when he/she will be coming home.  Telling us what their curfew is.  Total lack of respect for our boundaries.

I am not sure what to do.... Is it typical teen or is it heading done a darker path?

Only you can answer this.

From experience, I can share that many parents should exhaust all local avenues of help first including local therapy.  Unfortunately local therapy - one hour once a week rarely is enough to make substantial changes (especially with a 16 year old and up).

If you have come to a dead end, it may be time to consider residential therapy.  I always share with parents - don't wait for a crisis to happen, start your research early.  Even if you never use it, at least you are prepared if you need it.

The Internet is very confusing.  Be careful.  What is Internet fact and what is Internet fiction?  Good question.  Even with my own name and person - I have been a victim of Internet defamation and have been called all sorts of vicious names and accused of things I never did.  So you need to be careful.

I encourage you to read my story - which brought me to why I created my organization that advocates for parents that have reached their wit's end.

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