Friday, May 25, 2012

Teen House Parties: Keeping it Safe and Having Fun

End of school year celebrations!

School will be out shortly!

If you are planning to celebrate a graduation or an end of school year party, always have fun but always play it safe!

PACT Prevention Coalition of St. Johns County offers a great reminder for everyone that is planning to host a party with their kids or teens.

As parties continue to be part of the end of school year celebration for many people, PACT shares valuable information to keep our community safe.

Here are some tips to remind parents on how to host a party with adults and young people in attendance:
  • Establish firm ground rules and expectations before the party and ask your child to communicate them with his/her guests before the event.
  • Know the age of the partygoers and how they know your child.
  • Make it clear to guests that alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are not allowed, and be sure to provide plenty of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • When a guest leaves, do not allow him/her to return. This will discourage guests from leaving to drink or take other drugs and later return under the influence.
PACT Prevention Coalition is part of St. Johns County community continuing to bring educational resources and information to families, schools and people in need.

PACT’s Mission: To make St. Johns County a healthy, substance-free community through the reduction and prevention of alcohol and drug abuse by our youth with Prevention, Advocacy, Choices, and Teamwork.

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