Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sue Scheff: Dare to Be Real - Empower and Inspire Young People

Mena Gagne offers inspiration and motivation to tweens and teens through her seminars, programs, consulting and more. Take a moment to review her program - DARE TO BE REAL - at

Check out what teens are saying about her:

Founded and led by Mena Gagné, DARE TO BE REAL Coaching & Consulting is a transformational youth and leadership development company. Mena is a Leadership / Relationship / Team Coach who is passionate about working with today’s youth (aged 12 – 19), as well as with committed leaders and teams within organizations.

OUR MISSION: To empower and inspire people to be who they REALLY are and help them see what they are truly capable of.

DARE TO BE REAL focuses on the importance and impact of AUTHENTICITY. With a high level of curiosity, we explore what lies beyond the surface in order to:

reveal more truth
establish, build or rebuild connection
increase levels of trust, collaboration and self-esteem
We use all of our experience, training and passion to help youth, leaders and teams break through limiting barriers and work with them to accomplish their personal and professional goals. We also help you experience how being real can strengthen EVERY relationship you have, as well as make you a more effective leader – regardless of your role or position in life.

Ready to begin removing your masks? Ready for more connectedness, trust and alignment in your school or organization? Email today.