Monday, June 22, 2009

Sue Scheff: ADHD - Drop Your Reins Program

As many know, I raised my ADHD son, and know the struggles first hand that parents can go through. Personally, I tried different methods to help my son, and believe that everyone is different and what works for them is unique to them and their situation. We were successful with medication (which I know many frown upon, however it worked for us). Here is an alternative that many have found very successful. It is important to have an open mind and not be judgemental with what helps others.

Founded and run by 15-year-old Danielle Herb, Drop Your Reins is a holistic training school based in Live Oak, FL. From direct interaction with horses to supplemental training videos the program uses Natural Horsemanship For Kids helps guide the powerful minds of ADD/ADHD and Autistic children to reach their greatest potential while maintaining their innocence and purity.

Horses are amazing because they are sentient animals that mirror our personalities as well as our fears. –Danielle Herb

The old model of parenting and training horses, still being used by many today, is to break their spirit into submission to get them to do what you want. They are repeatedly worn down until the end result is unhappy, unhealthy kids and horses.

Are you curious about how horses can help humans learn to communicate more effectively, build inner self-esteem and outer confidence? By partnering with horses, we create an experiential learning environment that invites open communication, personal reflection, and increased self-awareness. Find out more about this “horse stuff” by joining us for a short, complimentary, introductory demonstration of this truly amazing learning process!

We begin each demo with introductions, to each other, to horse assisted learning and to horse behavior. Next, we partner with our four-legged friends to give you an opportunity to experience, first-hand, an on-the-ground (non riding) Drop Your Reins experience. Following the exercise with the horses, we take time “debrief” or talk – seeking to help identify assumptions and belief systems, increasing understanding and awareness. There’s also time to answer questions about how we can collaborate to help you reach your families development or personal growth goals.

Drop Your Reins is a Youth to Youth Program designed to give kids tools that will assist them in ways to overcome fears and challenges, develop healthy loving relationships, build trust, grow their inner confidence and self esteem, explore leadership

Perfect for your:

■Church Group
■Mom’s Group
■WAHM Group
■Rotory Club
■Youth Group
■CHADD Group
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