Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sue Scheff: National Teen Acne Awareness Month

As a Parent Advocate, I am often asked to share information, Press Releases etc. to help promote wellness and concerns with today’s teens. June is National Acne Awarness Month - take the time to learn more and how teenage acne can scar more then a child psychically. Self-image is a big part of being a teenager - as a parent, we need to educate ourselves to help our kids.

According to a recent survey, more than half of teens (59%) said that they would be willing to stay off Facebook for a year if they could get rid of their acne forever! What’s more – 13% would actually pick one of their parents as a prom date to be zit-free for the rest of their lives! June marks the first-ever National Acne Awareness Month – the perfect time to help teens take control of their acne.

There are so many myths surrounding acne - that people with acne don’t wash their faces and/or eat poorly. But the truth is, even the cleanest and healthiest of us can be prone to getting acne! In fact, acne is a medical condition that can be treated, and has little to do with diet or cleanliness habits.

The AARS, with support from Galderma Laboratories, has developed a special announcement to educate teens on how to take control of their acne: to inform everyone on ways to take action when acne takes a hold of their lives:

Want more? Visit the brand new Web site,, designed to help you get educated on ways to treat and prevent acne. Help to spread the word about National Acne Awareness Month. The best defense is a well-informed offense!