Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sue Scheff: Teens that inspire

Being a Parent Advocate offers me an opportunity to meet not only parents, but also amazing teens.

With my organization, Parents’ Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.), we are in contact with parents that are struggling with their teenager. Whether it is failing school, defiance, disrespectful, running away (sneaking out), using drugs and/or alcohol as well as other negative behaviors, parents are at their wit’s end.

Teens that inspire need to be recognized. I am listing a few that I have personally been in contact with and believe that parents will be amazed at what teenagers can accomplish. Some of these teens have taken a negative situation in their life and turned it around to help others. Then we have a 12 year old wonder boy! Take time to visit these websites and learn how one teen can change the lives of thousands.

Cati Cares– Cati is an amazing 16 year old that has created awareness and a crusade to help STOP bullying and cyberbullying. As a victim herself in the 6th grade, she has turned her unpleasant and hurtful experience into a campaign to help other teens. Her website offers Internet safety tips, Cyberbully Prevention and much more. Join her movement today! Follow Cati on Twitter at @wwwCatiCarescom

Joni Poole – When you think of a survivor, think of Joni. On August 22, 2007, Joni was raped and sexually assaulted. She was only 16 at the time. Since this horrific assault, Joni found the strength to fight back legally and found justice. From here, Joni could have moved on with life and attempted to put this time behind her. Instead, she created Sexual Assault Abuse and Rape Awareness (S.A.A.R.A.) Joni is now a voice to be heard and fighting for victims of sexual abuse. Join Joni on Facebook and MySpace. Help her to help others.

Danielle Herb –At 15 years old, Danielle has accomplished more than many adults do in a lifetime. Danielle created a program for ADHD/Autistic children with her expertise in horsemanship. Drop Your Reins is becoming nationally recognized, and Danielle is the driving force. As an ADHD child herself, she truly relates to the children and inspires them to overcome their fears. Learn more about this unbelievable teen at Drop Your Reins and follow her on Twitter at @DanielleHerb.

Lane S. – He is our 12 year wonder boy who is an incredible source of information and has a maturity that will blow you away! He owns, operates and writes for his website –– where he gives you insights through “kid’s point of view”. When I found out he was only 12, I was shocked. Be sure to follow him on Twitter at @KidCriticUSA and I am sure you will see what I and many others have realized, Lane is going places!

Krysten Moore – Grace, dignity, integrity, and beauty, both inside and out. Krysten is one of several of the Bullying Prevention Spokesperson (s) for Love Our Children USA. At 17 years old, she was Miss Teen New Jersey International. When I meet her, I was in awe of her. As a sophomore in college now, she is still active in helping others fight bullying and cyberbullying. In my latest book, Google Bomb, on page 198, you can read about Krysten’s experiences in school and how she was teased and bullied. She took action, took her life back and continues to be a voice against bullying.

For more info: Please take the time to visit each of these amazing teens websites. Send them an email of support and follow them on Twitter!
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