Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sue Scheff: Parenting Resources and Valuable Parent Websites

Back to school usually means back to a more structured environment in your home. It is also time for parents to become familiar with the vast amount of online resources (websites) that offer parenting advice, tips, forums and more.

From toddlers to teens, these resourceful websites offer a wealth of information that you may find yourself needing at some point. Raising kids (teens) today can be challenging. I believe an educated parent is a prepared parent. – This comprehensive website is full of educational tools for all ages, as well as “expert” answers to your parenting and academic questions.

Love Our Children USA - Helping educate and protect children against violence, bullying, neglect and more. Love Our Children USA is commited to "Stomp Out Bullying."

Connect with Kids – Offers a wide variety of parenting articles, DVD’s, parent forum and more about all stages of raising your children through the challenges of teen puberty.

ReputationDefender – An online reputation and privacy service that helps you monitor your online profile, your children’s safety in cyberspace, as well as help prevent Identity Theft. – Whether you are looking for Internet Safety tips or Cell Phone Safety tips, you will find quick and sound advice on technology and your kids today. – A non-profit organization targeted at keeping kids safe online. They offer resources for Educators as well as parents.

MommyPerks – Looking for great bargains? MommyPerks offers all sorts of up to date promotions on “all things for kids” as well as a Parenting Blog with many great parenting ideas.

Remarkable Parents – Using information and technology to improve lives, this website focuses on improving your family relations even through technology! – An amazing website that encourages physical education with your kids. It is time to get offline and get motivated.

ADDitude Magazine Online – Are you parenting an ADD/ADHD child? Or are you ADD/ADHD? What a wealth of information this is!

More 4 Kids Today – From pregnancy to parenting teens, you will find it here. Don’t miss this one!

Parents’ Universal Resource Experts – If you are struggling with your teenager and considering Boarding Schools, learn all about the teen help industry here.

There are many great websites out there. As school opens, be sure to open your mind as a parent too. Learning is for all ages.