Friday, August 28, 2009

Sue Scheff: Parents, teachers and schools unite to enhance education

Schools are now opening in many areas of our country. As a parent we need to know what resources are available to help enhance your child’s academic year.

I am listing some great organizations that are targeted at assisting schools, teachers and parents to work together for a common goal: your child’s education.

Many of these groups you have heard of; but have you become involved? With today’s stressful economic times, as well as families going in so many different directions, it is more important than ever to become involved in our child’s education. They are our future.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – Every child. Once Voice. PTA advocates have been at the heart of our nation’s greatest advances for youth. This year they installed their first male President of the PTA. Follow the PTA on Twitter at @PTAEditor to keep up to date with their progress and programs.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) – Helping parent leaders make better schools. PTO's are found at all types and levels of schools - public, private, parochial, charter, elementary, middle school, HS, etc. Expert advice and real-world insight on how to build parent and community involvement in school, recruit and manage volunteers, and more. Follow the PTO on Twitter at @PTOToday and stay informed.

School Family – Your go-to guide for school success. This website and their Blog offers volumes of great information from academics and studying to finding the right school for your child. School Family also offers a community to share ideas, tips and learn from other parents of school-aged kids facing the same challenges - and triumphs - you may be. Follow School Family on Twitter @SchoolFamily and stay connected.

Great Schools - Giving children a greater opportunity to succeed by inspiring and guiding parents to be effective champions of education at home and in their communities. A fantastic educational website that can give you timely articles and insights on schools today. Follow Great Schools on Twitter @GreatSchoolsorg and learn more.

There are many more, but here is a jumpstart for your child's new school year!
For more info: Be sure to visit the above websites and follow them on Twitter.
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