Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sue Scheff: Helping Teens Drive Safely

Calming the Fears of Parents with I DRIVE SAFELY’s Online Drivers Education

If you’re a parent, the number ‘15’ is probably a lot more significant to you than other adults, because in most states, it signifies the age when a teenager can start the process of getting their learner’s permit. If you’re terrified by the thought of your teenager behind the wheel, relax: we’re here to help.

Our I DRIVE SAFELY online Drivers Education ( ) website provides you with tons of important information about teen driving, and includes everything from helpful steps to guide your teen through the process of getting their learner’s permit to a Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract.

Parent’s Guide for Teenage Driving

It’s completely normal to have reservations about your teen learning to drive (it’s hard enough for them to handle keeping their room clean), which is why we created our site. We want to do more than just offer the best online driver’s education course; we want to provide you, the parent, with helpful guides and resources to help ease your fears and bring a level of normalcy when it comes to your teenager driving.

Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract

One of our most beneficial features is our I DRIVE SAFELY Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract. Once your teen begins to drive, it is important that rules are established in order to help keep them as safe as possible on the road. Our I DRIVE SAFELY Parent -Teen Safe Driving Contract will help reduce the number of ‘driving disagreements’ between you and your teen by allowing you to pull the ‘you signed the contract’ card. And, you can edit the contract so it suits your family’s needs. To download our Parent-Teen Safe Driving Contract, log onto , select your state and navigate to the Driving Contract page.

Helpful Hints

When it comes to your teen learning to drive, try to remember that you are actually your teen’s primary driver’s ed instructor. Once they have completed their classes and have their learner permit, they will be learning to drive with/from you. If the thought of this is starting to cause you stress and anxiety, then you will probably want to visit our site and read our hints and techniques for teaching your teen s how to drive. If you still have questions, our Customer Support Team is available to help you 24/7.

We want you and your teen have the best experience possible when learning to drive, and is designed to help you every step of the way. Our site can help put your mind at ease when it comes to your teen driving, which will allow you to start focusing on the next major milestone in their lives: college applications and graduation. Happy driving!