Monday, September 13, 2010

CyberSafety, CyberSurfing and Your Kids - Be Safe, use YourSphere

With so many horror stories about our children surfing the Internet, it has become a challenge for parents to find that perfect safety net that they feel they can trust.  

As a parent of five beautiful children, Mary Kay Hoal has taken on the mission to not only create a safe environment for kids with Yoursphere, she has expanded into helping parents understand the risks and learn about latest technology in a way parents can actually understand!  Yoursphere for Parents has taken off like a rocket! (Personally, it is one of my favorite bookmarked sites!) offers a vibrant, online, interactive, experience for kids and teens. Member’s safety and privacy come first through the application of common sense safeguards. The site devotes a hyper-focus towards supporting the positive interests, talents and aspirations of its members.

The site is free and is exclusively for children and young people through age 18. Yoursphere offers members a unique online community experience that is rewards-based, content appropriate, age-relevant, and socially conscious.

Isn't it time you took the time to get your child involved?  Your child or teen can share ideas and help each other to be all they can be.  Knowing that this site was created by a mom that had the same concerns many parents have about the dangers of the web, gives you a sense of security and comfort.

Parents that attempt to keep their kids off the computer for fear of dangers is understandable, however it is almost naive to believe they will never be faced with the Internet.  Sit with them - talk to them - and actually create family time that offers safety tips for surfing!  That is online - not at  the beach.

Join Yoursphere today (parents and kids) - it's fun, it's educational, it's inspiring and it's FREE! Click here.
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St. Johns Sheriff's Office offers a website of Internet Safety Tips for parents and kids.
Be an educated parent, you will have safer teens!

Watch video  and learn from Mary Kay Hoal about the Joy of Online Safety.