Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teen Help Programs: Building a Teen Back Up to Make Better Choices

Yes, some parents need the assistance of outside help when their teen goes down a negative path.  Finding the right program for your individual needs can be a daunting and confusing experiences.  How do I know?  I have been there.  I made all the mistakes so hopefully you don't have to.  My story is at

My story and organization is about educating parents - guiding them - and letting them know that punishing your child by trying to find a Boot Camp or Scared Straight program is not only a temporary fix (if it really does fix anything is debatable) it is not an option I would consider.  In most cases these types of programs only build more anger and resentment towards the parent or guardian that sent them to it.

Looking for a program that promotes positive enrichment programs as well as the clinical component with a good strength on academics.  Wilderness programs usually offer zero education - they are short term programs with short term results - and almost always need to continue on to a residential therapy program.

Sure, Wilderness may break your child down - get them ready for residential therapy, but correct me if I am wrong, isn't your teen already broken down?  Why are they acting out?  Don't  you think finding the right program from beginning to end would be more beneficial to your teen?  Consistency is key!  They lack it now - they need it for recovery.  Then again, maybe there is a double dip process they don't want you to know about.... Just my opinion.

I am a parent that firmly believes we need good residential programs - but they need three major and strong elements - Education/Academics, Clinical/Therapists "on staff" and Enrichment programs to engage your teens in a positive direction!

Learn more at - don't wait until you are in a crisis situation.