Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sue Scheff: Teaching Your Kids to say "No Thank You"

As school gets ready open and students will be biking and walking to school parents need to have the discussion with their kids about talking with strangers.

Many kids know already never take rides, candy, gifts, or money from strangers, and let's remind them, it's okay to say "NO THANK YOU."

Love Our Children USA helps educate parents, teachers and kids about staying safe both online and off.  Some great advice from Love our Children USA:
Always report to a police officer, a parent, a teacher or any adult you know if a stranger:
  • Wants to play with you.
  • Asks you to go with him/her.
  • Tries to have a conversation with you, or touch you while you are at the movies, playground, or walking anywhere.
  • Offers you a ride, candy, gum, present, or money.
  • Always try to get a full description of the stranger.
  • If you see a suspicious car, take down the license number with a pencil and paper; write it in the dirt or on the sidewalk with a stick or stone.
Public awareness and advocacy is essential to helping prevent violence against children. You have the opportunity to share information with colleagues, your community and the public at large.

St. John's County Sheriff's Office offers a Community Service Unit for Youths.  Take the time to visit this site and learn more about our local resources.

Love Our Children USA also encourages all communities to take part in Blue Shirt Day!  This is bring about public awareness to bullying, child neglect and harm done to children.  Order today and get your school and community ready for this event in October.

Be an educated parent, you will have safer children.

Watch video about Blue Shirt, be ready for it in 2010.  Read more.