Friday, June 4, 2010

Sue Scheff: Traveling with Your Teens This Summer - City Slickers to Country Cowboys

Years ago parents would pack up their station wagons and head to the shore.  Some may think of the Jersey Shore and others may think Atlantic City and of course some simply took road trips.  Today going to the beach can be an average weekend hang-out and certainly not always considered a vacation.

With many families struggling financially today, vacations may be cut out of the budget, but it doesn't mean you can't find family fun things to do.  Day trips are always fun too!  Find your local parks and recreation.
Many teens can't be without their technology, and don't kid yourself, many parents can't be without it either.  As City Slickers, Billy Crystal and his crew discovered a new world in the country.  Yes, herding cattle, as they left their technology (at that time) behind and learned the value of enjoying life - just by living in nature. 

Now what can you do with your teenagers this summer?  Can you leave your city/tech stuff behind?  Going on a vacation with your teen can be a nightmare, many are certainly aware of that.  So plan your trips wisely.

Talk to your teens about what they would like to do on a family trip or a day trip.  Even if you are only going away for the weekend, include your teen in the choices they have.  Whether you are going camping and hiking or to an amusement park, spending time together is the most important part.  Of course, having fun is an added benefit.

If costs are an issue, explain the budget and what options you have.  If you aren't able to travel this summer, plan a fun weekend at home with bike riding, long walks, jogging, DVD's, and games.  No matter what, make it a time that everyone can kick back and enjoy their time together.

You can take your city slicker teen and bring them to the country or back to nature - good old fashion down and dirty fun!  Plan it today and enjoy your summer as a family.

As a post note: Cell phones are always safe to have, as long as you aren't texting and surfing all day long on them - spend quality time as a family.

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