Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sue Scheff: Parenting 2010 - Getting Ahead of your Teens Virtually!


I completed a 5-part series to help you better monitor your teens/kids online. Here was the final part, and I encourage you to go back and review 1-4. An educated parent will have safer teens in cyberspace!

Did you miss part 1? Part 2? Part 3? Part 4? Go back, it will help you be an educated parent for 2010 in an effort to stay ahead of your kids with today's technology.

The final part of this series is the most important. Whether you are online or offline your lines of communication with your kids, especially teens, needs to stay and remain open. As difficult as this can be in a busy world we live in, make 2010 the year you start taking time-off to be with your kids - both literally and virtually.

Part 5 - T.A.L.K.

T - Time - Take the time to talk to your kids. Learn more about where they surf online, what their social networking sites are saying and who their friends are - literally and virtually.
A - Action - Take action and be a proactive parent in what sites your kids are visiting, who they are talking to, and what they are doing - literally and virtually.
L - Learn - Educate yourself, take the time to learn about safety resources for you and your family online. An educated parent leads to safer kids and teens - both literally and virtually.
K - Keep-up - Don't stop! Keep checking in on them and their social networking sites as well as their Blogs. Keep it clean, keep it positive and keep involved!

At the end of 2010 make it your goal to be ten steps ahead of your kids technically. Talk to other parents, talk to teachers, talk to guidance counselors and most importantly talk to your kids! Communication is key to parenting. Never allow those channels, both literally and virtually, to be closed. Talk, talk, talk, and more talk…. It is the resolution all parents need to make and keep for 2010.

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Part 1 - Understand why it is critical to sit down with your kids and teens and review social networking sites.
Part 2 - Learn how to Blog effectively.
Part 3 - Learn how to monitor your child's name online.
Part 4 - Review books, resources and services to help you be a better parent with technology.
Part 5 - T.A.L.K. - Keep those lines of communication open! Both online and off!

Order your free cyber safety booklet through the FTC - click here.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy New Year, both online and in real life! Surf safely!