Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sue Scheff: We Don't Serve Teens! Teen Drinking

Did you know?

Most teens report that alcohol is easy to get – including 64 percent of eighth graders, 81 percent of sophomores, and 92 percent of seniors.

Did you know?

Since laws established 21 as the minimum drinking age, the likelihood that a 15 – to 20-year-old driver will be involved in a fatal crash has dropped by more than half.

We Don’t Serve Teens is about educating you (parents and adults) with real life stories of what can happen when adults permit teens to drink alcohol. The legal drinking age is 21 years old, there are no exceptions.

Most teens who drink get alcohol from “social sources” – at parties, from older friends, from their parents’ cabinets. Teen drinking is linked to injury and risky behavior. We can reduce teen drinking by stopping teens’ easy access to alcohol. Help us achieve this goal. – Source: We Don’t Serve Teens

As New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, be an educated parent - don’t allow teenage drinking! Teens New Year – get some tips for helping them bring in the New Year with fun and safety!

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