Monday, March 10, 2008

Sue Scheff: The Power of Hope with our Kids

When surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control, 28 percent of teens say they feel sad or hopeless for weeks in a row. For some, gangs, violence and drugs are a daily reality. Thousands of others drop out of school – tired of the struggle – while untold numbers of children are caught in the middle of their parents’ divorce, feeling lost and alone.

How can we help those kids who have given up on themselves? There’s no easy way to give a child hope, goals and dreams. Yet, without it, we know that kids see no reason not to take dangerous and sometimes deadly risks. Children of Hope tells the inspiring stories of how three teens turned their life around – and shows how the counselors, teachers and community leaders helped them see and experience the opportunities their future could hold.

What can you do to help your kids feel hopeful – and set goals for today, tomorrow and beyond? Watch Children of Hope together to learn about the power of hope. Start a conversation about life’s options and help kids talk about how they see themselves in the days, weeks, months and years to come.