Saturday, November 9, 2013

What Is Your Parenting Style?

Does your teen listen to you?
Most parents know that raising teens is a challenge today.

Consider these suggestions when dealing with the following temperaments on a day-to-day basis:

• Flexible and affable. These teens live on the sunny side of the street. They are generally agreeable and tend not to take things personally.

Appreciate their good nature and let them know that you do. It’s unfair and risky not to give them your very best parenting just because they are less likely to get angry or become sullen.

• Sensitive. These teens often take awhile to adjust to anything new. They like routine and knowing what is going to happen when. They may not appreciate teasing or certain kinds of humor.

Give these teens plenty of advance warning when a change is about to happen. Take a little extra time to explain things to them. If you hurt their feelings, apologize.

• Challenging. These teens can be critical, especially of their parents. Their first reaction is often a negative one, and they seem to enjoy arguing for its own sake.

These teens dislike rules, so set only a few that speak to your top priorities. Model a good example for them. Don’t return criticisms with criticism of your own. Let them know you always love them, even though you may not love their behavior.

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