Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teen Help for Struggling Teens

Are you wondering what happened to once happy-go-lucky, kind, polite and studious child went?

Teens can be a challenge – especially in today’s ever changing world with technology and a society that is making our kids grow up so much faster.

Common parent statements:

“My teen is so smart! His/her IQ is superior, but they are not working up to their potential.”
“My teen is so beautiful/handsome – good looking – even has many friends.” (Of course, the peer group has changed and you don’t know why.)
“My teen is very athletic! He/she made the varsity team at a young age, has won all sorts of awards, but now has dropped out and has zero interest in this sport.”

How to be a perfect parent?

There is no such thing as a perfect parent, however there is such a thing as being an educated parent.  This is not about book smarts or academics, it is about first hand experiences from parents that have been where you are.

Becoming an educated parent in the teen help industry is possible with Parent’s Universal Resource Experts.

Blame Game and Parent Denial
  • Not my kid, it is the kids he/she is hanging with.
  • My child was caught with pot, but he swears it was his friend’s.
  • It’s the schools fault.
  • If I only had sent him to another school.
  • If I only had given into the cell phone.
  • His grandparents spoil him rotten.
  • When is it appropriate to read your teen’s journal, text messages, emails, social networking sites etc?
  • When safety triumphs privacy!  Is your teen withdrawn, secretive, changing friends?
  • Be a parent first, friendship is built on that foundation.
Common mistakes parents make:

Major misconception of parents:  Almost all parents that contact us have that next Einstein or Dan Marino, but the fact they are either changing friends, smoking pot, not attending classes or school at all, wanting to drop out of school all together and just get a GED, are all signs you are heading down a very negative path. This road usually escalates before it gets better.

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