Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Parenting Toddlers to Teens: What Happened?

  • What happened to that sweet 5 year-old you sent off to Kindergarten?
  • What happened to that athletic tween that loved T-Ball?
  • What happened to my little angel that loved going to the mall with me?
  • What happened to my child that always worked so hard to get good grades and always worked to make me proud?

Where did my kind son go?
Where did their childhood go?

Today's society is challenging for teenagers - but can be even more distressful for their parents.  When slowly they watch their good child turn into a tween or teen that they barely recognized.  Underneath the questionable clothing, the piercings we had to reluctantly agree to - and the tattoos they got on their own - our child is deep in there somewhere!

After exhausting all local resources, whether it is an excellent adolescent therapist to local support groups and even out-patient facilities, you are looking at a teen that is heading down a dark road.  It is time for parents to dig deep and find the strength to get their teen the help they need - unfortunately it usually is not at home.

Residential therapy is a big step and a step not to take lightly.  Are you considering a Residential Treatment Center, Therapeutic Boarding School, Military School or other out of home options?  Learn about the differences and find what is best for your teen - visit www.helpyourteens.com.

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