Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parent Involvement in Schools Can Make a Difference

PTO and PTA: Join today!
Are there issues about your child's school that you are fed-up with?  Tired of hearing your child complain or even tired of the same lack of communication month after month?  This is not about any school specifically, however it is about parents finding the time to get involved in their schools and communities.

Does your school have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)?

Have you thought about joining it and can't find the time?

It is sort of like voting, if you don't vote, you really can't complain.

It is a fact, many parents have limited time to volunteer or get involved, however with the increase in teen issues, bullying, cyberbullying, substance abuse, texting, truancy and  more, our communities need the support and help from the parents.  As a team, changes can be made.

Duval County Council PTA is a group of local PTAs orangized under the authority of the Florida PTA. Local PTAs join the Council as a unit, not as individual members, and pay dues according to the Council bylaws. The Council president is a member of the Florida PTA Board of Directors. A County Council is the direct line of support and resource to the PTAs within its boundaries.

Whether you join or create a PTA or PTO here are 26 great tips for you to review and consider to build more involvement in your schools and communities.

Be an educated parent, be an involved parent - you will have safer and healthier kids!

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