Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sue Scheff: Help Haiti - We Have We Need - Helping organizing relief

As the world has come together to help with this natural disaster, a group of generous and caring people created a website that will help organize the needs in Haiti.

We Have We Need is a place where relief organizations can quickly post their most urgent needs and have them matched by generous donors during a time of crisis. This site was built by a group of geeky do-gooders who saw this as an opportunity to use technology to help bring people and donations together in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Haiti. If you'd like to participate in the program, please contact them at help@wehaveweneed.org.

They offer a list of categories including food, fuel, medical, shelter, transportation, telecom and other needs as well as haves.

As parents, we need to encourage your children to clean out their closets, go through the garage, take the time to go through their clothes; teach your kids to donate to those in need. Learning at an early age to pay it forward is not only rewarding, it can help build good character into their adult lives.

In South Florida there are drop off boxes at fire departments. Miami Herald reported today about the many compassionate residents in South Florida that are volunteering, donating and much more. This is the time to come together not only as a community, but as a family. You can get your entire family involved in helping those in need.

For more information on donating and volunteering visit the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

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